Sunday, March 27, 2011

Watch Fergie Face on American Idol 2011 Video

Watch Fergie on American Idol 2011 (video) and compare with Fergie in the most recent Black Eyed Peas music video. What happened to Fergie’s face?

Fergie pregnant vs. Fergie plastic surgery comments, blog posts and Twitter discussions fired up after watching Fergie on American Idol, as viewers tried to determine if it was really her or a fake Fergie!

It really IS her, turns out, as it’s beenconfirmed that it was Fergie on American Idol.

But… something is definitely different. Take a look at the videos of Fergie on American Idol and Fergie in the Black Eyed Peas video for “Just Can’t Get Enough”… one of these things is not like the other!


Was that really Fergie onstage at tonight’s American Idol results show? It sure looked like a Fergie stand-in to me unless there is really something quite wrong with Fergie during the Black Eyed Peas performance. As a result of the unexplained appearance of their main singer the web is now abuzz with rumors of plastic surgery and pregnancy for the typically svelte singer. While those theories are quite dramatic, it’s more likely that the Fergilicious Fergie is feeling under the weather.

While the gal onstage had a resemblence to Fergie, the entire effect was just wrong. More than anything she lacked the overwhelming confidence that Fergie has each time she hits the stage. It seems to me that Fergie needed to miss the performance for some yet unknow reason probably as mundane as the stomach flu.

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