Monday, March 28, 2011

Lady Gaga Celebrates her 25th birthday by flashing chest (Photos)

Gaga took the stage in a sheer leopard print top, flashing her bra-less chest and a black g-string that showed off her booty beneath transparent fishnets.

Pictures showed fans grabbing at her legs as Gaga whipped her blond ponytail around and gyrated while singing "Born This Way."

She returned to her slightly more G-rated tour gear the night after when she performed at the MGM Grand.

After a weekend of Sin City shows, Gaga rang in her birthday Sunday night at an unnamed restaurant where she wrote a message to fans on her tablecloth.

"Drawing on table at restaurant," she tweeted early Monday morning. "If I had to give it all back, but got to keep my fans, that'd be ok."

She also thanked her 9 million followers for making #BornThisDay a trending word.

"You are all the present I need in the world," she wrote

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