Thursday, March 31, 2011

Katy Perry & Kanye West : Out of This World in ‘ET’ – Watch Video

Katy Perry has given plenty of teases to her latest music video with Kanye West for her hit single “E.T.,” but the video itself is finally here!

This video is quite the feast for your eyes! From the outfits to the colors and of course the song, check out the hypnotizing video above!

Miss Perry has been teasing the video quite a bit with still photos and 20-second teasers. It’s the latest single off of her wildly successful Teenage Dream album, which spawned hits like ‘California Gurls’ and ‘Firework.’ Even ‘ET’ has had huge success already, as Perry tweeted on Wednesday: “I just got off stage to AMAZING NEWS. YOU’VE MADE #ET NUMBER 1!!!! THIS IS RECORD BREAKINGLY AMAZING! That’s 4 in a row! I am in tearssss!!!”

“ET” marks her first collaboration with Kanye West, who clearly brought his futuristic Tron-like vision to the table when it came to making the video.

Music aside, Katy has been hard at work lately promoting her other ventures, like her Purr perfume, which has been getting a global launch tour supported by the pop starlet.

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