Thursday, March 31, 2011

Amazing Dancer - Norske Talenter 2011 - Tord Korsvik (10 years old) (Video)

Amazing dance from Tord (10) at Norway's got talent. Started dancing only 7 months before the audition, and he has learned everything

This kids going big places! An amazing dancer at only 10, and now getting sponsored to rep clothes and stickers from stunt shades and coca cola and a bunch others. Congrats little man!

Norske Talenter 2011 – Tord Korsvik, age 10, wowed judges on “Norway’s Got Talent” last week together with his wonderful pop-and-lock routine, and currently the video is burning up the net. Tord Korsvik may be a master of the rigid, robot-style dance, that was popularized in breakdancing movies that were created over 20 years before he was even born

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