Thursday, March 31, 2011

Snake Bites Model in the Breast, Dies of Silicone Poisoning- Watch Video

One snake came to a tragic end after an incident that took place during a radio interview. Israeli actress and model Orit Fox was petting the snake for the cameras, when it bit her in the breast – and died later, as per reports.
Fox, as the narrator in the video below says, is better known for her looks than any other talent she may possess.

It was only understandable then that she tried to play on her appeal for the cameras, petting and cuddling and even sticking her tongue out to the snake.
Either this or some other factor made the snake (it was not poisonous) attack her, biting her in the chest. The camera guys managed to pry it away from Fox’s ample bosom.Judging by her reaction afterwards, the bite was not extremely painful, since Fox is seen smiling and most likely telling the men that she was fine.
The snake, though, was not ok after the incident: reports online suggest that it died later because of silicone poisoning.

Fox, on the other hand, was only taken to the hospital for a tetanus shot and then sent home.
As the NY Mag puts it, it’s the snake who deserves to be remembered after all this.
“Because one silicone-laced bite of Fox’s breast was enough to poison a sizable reptile, yet she has two of those things floating atop her ribcage every day,” the e-zine writes.
“But our deepest sympathy goes out to the dearly departed snake, who probably just thought he was fighting a mongoose,” NY Mag writes.
Users online do make a valid point about the entire thing: if the snake died of silicone poisoning, this means it managed to pierce the implant.
That doesn’t explain why Fox was let go home with only a tetanus shot, because she should have received further medical treatment to prevent the contents of the implant from leaking out altogether.
On the bright side, this means there’s a slight chance the snake is still alive.

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