Monday, July 4, 2011

Sea Princess cruise ship plagued-outbreaks

A San Francisco-based cruise ship had more than 350 cases of norovirus in the past two months and is now being investigated by the federal government, but cruise owners say passengers are the ones bringing it aboard.

The first reported instance was aboard a 10-day cruise that left May 10. Forty-four of the 2,049 on board reported having the virus. On the May 20 cruise, 128 out of 2,053 passengers reported symptoms. Finally on the May 30 voyage, 142 out of 2,128 passengers were affected, according to the company.

Candy said the Sea Princess went through a “prolonged and intensive cleaning” in recent days by the CDC and the cruise’s public health officers before it left for a 10-day Alaskan cruise Thursday.

Princess Cruises' decision to cancel calls in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the rest of the year has left the country's tourism industry in "total shock," a top tourism official tells USA TODAY.
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