Friday, July 1, 2011

Chavez Says He was Treated for Cancer - Viwe Full Video

President Hugo Chavez said he is being treated for cancer in Cuba after doctors on the communist island detected a tumor during an emergency operation this month that had been shrouded in mystery. “I feel like I’m emerging from a dark abyss and beginning the climb back,” said a thinner-looking Chavez, standing behind a podium flanked by a Venezuelan flag and portrait of his hero, 19th century South American revolutionary Simon Bolivar.

Vice President Elias Jaua, in a live address from the presidential palace after Chavez's message, urged his compatriots to rallyaround Chavez and said the government would continue to function normally in his absence.

Mr Chavez, 56, said he was receiving 'complementary treatments to combat different types of cells that were found' - possibly implying chemotherapy.'I deeply appreciate the demonstrations of solidarity by Venezuelans and other brotherly people,' he added.

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