Friday, July 1, 2011

Consumer Confidential-Starbucks Merge

How about a beer with your burger? Some fast-food chains are experimenting with alcohol sales as a way to boost business. Two Sonic restaurants in South Florida soon will sell beer and wine. The move follows Burger King "Whopper Bars" -- recently opened in Miami, Las Vegas and Kansas City -- that sell beer. Starbucks recently began serving beer and wine in a handful of Seattle stores. This may get the cash flowing in, but critics say the message to younger consumers is that it's OK to drink. I'll know that we've gone too far when Mickey D's starts selling McBrewskis alongside its Happy Meals.
Although small spending gains can be expected in the second half of the year, the trend is more likely to vary between lackluster and zero than lackluster and robust over the next several years, the survey says. To which I say, "Supersize me."
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