Monday, July 4, 2011

Prince edward island-Royal Couple

Prince William and Kate are enjoying a big day of activities in Canada's smallest province, taking part in a mix of history, culture, and adventure under overcast skies in Prince Edward Island.It’s not as though Prince Edward Island has never had a Royal visit before. There have been thirteen of them since 1860, from Princes of Wales to Her Majesty, the Queen. But there’s never been one quite like this.It was an exciting, hands-on moment for the prince that followed a more traditional royal-visit kind of morning that included a visit to Province House, the birthplace of Confederation.
Following the morning's activities, the couple will rest and change outfits before heading off to Dalvay by-the-Sea by motorcade. There, they will engage in a little friendly competition, boarding separate boats for some head-to-head dragon boat racing.

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