Friday, April 1, 2011

Sunday Comes Afterwards Starring Rebecca Black (Video)

The next great disaster movie starring Rebecca Black will finally deal with what days come after Friday and what days don't.

The website has posted a slew of new clips, all starring none other than overnight Internet sensation Rebecca Black. Celebuzz favorite: her movie trailer spoof titled Sunday Comes Afterwards where the “singer” becomes the leader of an apocalyptic society.

“After all her friends are gone, this once famous Internet star becomes an unlikely leader,” an off-camera voice says intensely. “Life goes on,” Black says assuredly to the crowd. “Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards.” She then breaks into song as the crowd cheers, “I don’t want this world to end!”

In real life, Black continues to make famous friends. The singer just tweeted that she got a “mini tour” of Lady Gaga‘s tour buses while at the concert last night, while Katy Perry tweeted a “new song” that includes the vocal stylings of both Black and herself.

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