Monday, April 4, 2011

Exclusive Video: Justin Bieber Sets His Mom's Hair on Fire!

Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette, came onstage while the audience sang ‘Happy Birthday’, and while blowing out her candles, caught strands of her hair on fire. Bieber quickly put out the flames. And I’m sure they’ll be making him an honorary firefighter somewhere now.

Bieber and Mallete both Tweeted about the incident later. Bieber wrote, “sick show in Berlin…brought @studiomama on stage 2 sing her happy bday but she lit her hair on fire with the candles. lol. I saved her.”

Lol indeed. Mallette responded, “Thank u @justinbieber for the cake (& embarrassing me on stage lol).”

I know Twitter is laid back and all, but you’d think a middle-aged woman would take the time to spell out “you”. Then again, this is the same lady who set her hair on fire.

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