Sunday, June 19, 2011

Third rape in 48 hours victim burnt alive:U.P

New Delhi:A 33-year-old woman was burnt alive after allegedly being raped in Etah district in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday.
Her family alleged that five men first gangraped her and then lynched her because they were afraid that she would identify them and go to the police.
the police have denied these allegation and have claimed that the attackers were trying to rob and not rape her.
This will be third rape case to be reported in the state in 48 hours.
Earlier a Dalit minor from Kannauj was allegedly stabbed in the eye and left blind by two men when she resisted rape. Two policemen were suspended for delaying the filing of an FIR.
An 18-year-old Dalit girl was also allegedly raped at gunpoint by a man in Ranipur Beladi village.

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