Wednesday, June 29, 2011

News for police confirms Vinod Khanna's son among those detained Rave party

Meanwhile, a police official has confirmed to TOI that Sakshi Khanna, among the 300 persons detained at the Mount View Resort in Khalapur, was indeed the son of veteran actor Vinod Khanna. The rave party revellers were mainly residents of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and a few were from Pune .
The Raigad superintendent of police, R D Shinde, told TOI: "It will take a few days for the medical reports of the revellers to arrive. This will enable us to know what kind of drugs or psychotropic substances were being used.''

When asked if Jadhav could have been there on an undercover assignment, Raigad SP RD Shinde said, "If he was carrying out an undercover operation, Jadhav should have notified the Raigad police, or at least his superiors at the anti-narcotics cell. Further investigations are on to find out his antecedents."
“A total of 307 youngsters were detained at the party. Later, 302 of them were allowed to go after the mandatory medical test. These include 63 girls,” said a senior official of the Raigad police. The seized drugs included 2.5 kg of ganja, around 450 milligram (mg) of cocaine and more than 300 millilitre (ml) of what is popularly known as ‘liquid drops’, an expensive narcotic substance consumed by mixing it in sugar cubes.
Other four accused include Ghule; resort manager Rahul Khanna; Kushan S Kumar; and also Snehajit Sajalkar alias Biltu, both the co-organizer who costs an event loss company called ‘Above Logic’.
The organizers made evidently advertised both the June 26 rave party at Khalapur upon a social web site and offered an entry cost of Rs 1,000 per head. Shinde developed that most of partygoers remained visibly suffering from drugs when the public raided the vacation resort just a little after 7.30 pm.

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