Wednesday, December 7, 2011

NASA rover begins quest to explore Mars

After a picture removing will perfect on Saturday, Mars is curiosity rover of NASA now good on its way to the red planets for an expected landing in August 2012.

If it reaches the surface, the rover will begin the most comprehensive measurement of the Mars geology, to becomes to date, can support including searches of proof that Mars supported, or, life.

To make but that, the rover on a buffet of scientific instruments, inclusive "ChemCam," the chemistry and the camera of instrument, a combination spectrometer/laser is developed through lot Alamos national laboratory, that fires an ultra precise, extremely highly operated invisible laser ray, that is sketched in order to evaporate Mars rocks, and samples leave for hours a millimeter all at once for further analysis of its formation. The emerging plasma cloud, that is left in the entourage by the evaporated matter, is recorded of the telescope the spectrometer.

Curiosity became with the mission of shot down to discover whether life exists, or ever existed, on Mars. It will become work the rover opportunity, that connect has the planet for more than six years processed, and in preparation for adept people there.

That newly excessively rover earth will gather and rock samples and analyzes has are favorable it for proof that the zone has, or ever, environment conditions had, that to microbial life.

NASA long said that robots will play a critical role in its plans to create a human outpost on Mars or the moon. In order that are sketched, around to erect building, and to prepare safe landing places, are expected to arrive before people. After the space drivers arrive to carry become the robots, payloads, and to serve expected as a carrier vehicles.

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