Monday, May 2, 2011

President Obama Says Osama Bin Laden Dead 2 May

President Obama last night delivered to a jubilant nation the news Americans have been waiting nearly 10 years to hear: The United States killed 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden - and had his corpse. Early Monday morning, a U.S. official said bin Laden had been buried at sea.The most hated man in the world was killed yesterday in a $1 million mansion in a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, not far from the capital of Islamabad.

"Justice has been done," Obama declared.Obama acknowledged both the tremendous loss of 9/11 and of soldiers lost in the ensuing wars."Images of 9/11 are seared into our national memory," Obama said. " Nearly 3,000 citizens were taken from us, leaving a gaping hole in our hearts."He added, "After nearly 10 years of service, struggle and sacrifice, we know well the costs of war. These efforts weigh on me every time I, as commander-in-chief, have to sign a letter to a family that has lost a loved one, or look into the eyes of a service member who's been gravely wounded."resident Obama said he authorized the mission to make a move on Bin Laden last week - after several months of planning - and the attack went down today in the compound where the Al Qaeda leader was hiding. Bin Laden was killed after a firefight.

Bin Laden's demise comes 9 years, 7 months and 20 days after the 2001 9/11 attacks.

Ironically, today marks the 8th anniversary of George W. Bush's "mission

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